Sony Ericsson fails again

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17 Jul 2009

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Is it just me or has Sony Ericsson failed at successfully entering the mainstream US smartphone market.  Its unclear to me as to why Sony Ericcson hasn’t been competing in the US with HTC, Samsung, RIM and Apple.  Not too many people would say that SE makes poor quality phones.   They certainly dont suffer from lack of technology.  So it is rather strange that several of their phones were never properly introduced to the US market.
sonypp The P900, 910, 990 and 1. are good examples of very sophisticated smartphones but no US carriers backing them.  Additionally SE was was not very disciplined with their release dates.  I recall several delays on the P990.  This actually drove me to HTC.  Last summer I was convinced that the SE Xperia designed by HTC for SE wotj  Windows Mobile’s OS on it would definitely be their arrival in this space.
The much hyped Xperia X1 never was picked up by a US carrier and never really hit the US market.  All these SE phones were only available if you were able to pay the premium for a non branded unlocked phone.  SE did however aggressively market their walkman type phones in the US.
SE has just announced that they will be introducing an 8.1 Megapixel camera called the Cyber Shot C905A to AT&T this month and another Walkman phone.  The C905a was announced over a year ago and released about 7 months ago in other markets.  I also recently did read that SE was planning to expand their Xperia series of phones this month.  The phones are again heavily loaded and 1 of them is rumored to be an Android Phone.  Will SE finally join the mainstream US smartphone market or is this another episode that we have seen before?  The US market remains small and soft for unlocked phones.  Only about 5 percent of the phones sold each year are unlocked and available from somewhere other than a carrier, SE needs to step up their strategy.

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